Glitter for Business? I say yes!


Yes!  Yes!  When I pull out my business cards… I want to sparkle!  What does that tell others about you – or your business?  What image do you want to project?  Now I won’t guess at your profession or how you want others to see you – but I will say I WANT TO SPARKLE!

These business card holders are on sale over at Nordstrom right now – 25% off.  I have not seen these on other sites so far in my pursuit of glitter this season, so at $22, I would snap one up.  You will find gold glitter, silver glitter and multi-glitter at this price.

What is the difference between this business card holder and the one we talked about last time?  Let’s just say… bended business cards, wasted paper, dirty, folded corners  (you know what I’m talking about).  I can tell you this:  that is not the image you want to portray no matter the business you are in!  This metal cover will protect your cards.


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