Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

Spring is upon us and again… Kate never fails us.  The roses are seen across fashion – even men’s fashion this season.  Kate has done a great job at creating light hearted expressions of this trend.  Most of the accessories we are seeing have a cream background.  In contrast, most of the clothing we see has a black background.

This Cameron Street roses – little babe leather satchel is hands down one of my favorite satchels in the Kate Spade line for the Spring 2017 season.  It is light hearted, yet the structure is firm and secure.  It rings up at $278 at Nordstrom right now – remember triple points starts on March 22, so you may want to take advantage of that benefit that will of course include free shipping.

Do you like the new flower trend?  It reminds me of the Sex in The City time period where everyone was wearing those HUGE flowers – on their shoes, handbags, pinned to their jackets.  I LOVE flowers and am so glad Kate has done a fantastic job this season!


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